Friday, September 16, 2011

Diaper Dilemmas

I know.  How exciting for my very first blog post: diapers.  People will no doubt be flocking to read this from all corners of the earth.  Can't help it- they're on my mind.  Plus, I think it very appropriate to blog about diapers considering the name of this blog is Poop and Poodles.  It's even more appropriate, or inappropriate, when I tell you Boo Boo (our issue-ridden part-poodle dog) ate a dirty diaper yesterday.  Ugh.

   Boo Boo, the poo poo eating "Prince"
Anyways, so I see this blog as a way to empty out the random thoughts in my head lest they exit via a weird dream during the night when I really need some good sleep.  So, rather than dream tonight that a cloth diaper and a disposable diaper are having a debate and I'm the emcee, I'll blog about it.
That's right, I said cloth diaper.  Two words I never thought I'd actually say if it wasn't preceded by "Who uses a.....?"  Yet, here we are, day #3 of decorating James' behind with some disposables and some adorable little BumGenius cloth diapers.  How did I get to this point?  I don't actually know.  I know I've read about them before, seen blog posts about them, considered them for half a second when someone mentioned that disposables are a main contributing source to landfill waste.  But I always went back to my trusty Target-brand disposables.  Then, I read this book that has gotten me thinking about a LOT of things.  I read Affluenza rather quickly, enamored with the points they were making about the tendencies of our consumer/materialistic culture and ways we can fight back against the trends of our day.  It brought me back many times to my time in Guatemala and Honduras and the struggles and the beauty of that experience.  They made a lot of good points about a lot of different subjects.  The boredom of American kids while being surrounded by an ungodly amount of toys, the obesity of our young and old while being surrounded by ungodly amounts of food, and the sheer amount of trash we unload into landfills while we consume more and more "stuff."  Ugh.
So, cloth diapering came into my mind and stayed a bit longer.  I decided I would buy three and see how it went.  Can you believe it? It has been so great!  Just goes to show how we can be so afraid of change sometimes, only to discover, when we just TRY to change for the better, sometimes its not so bad.  
                                           James modeling the latest in cloth diapers
So there.  That's the latest lesson I've learned in this motherhood adventure.  Oftentimes, change is far worse in our imagination than in our reality.  What a relief :)


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